Forced annexation

I am 1000% opposed to forced annexation. I will work to convince our legislative delegation to change the laws that have resulted in Asheville’s unique situation concerning expansion of the city.

The only way to address the core issue locally is to solve the water problem and I have a plan to do that.
1. With water rates structured as they are now, Asheville citizens are paying to provide water to county residents. We need to seek an agreement with the county so that both county and city taxpayers pay for infrastructure repair and maintenance on a fairly apportioned basis.
2. Then we drop the water rates.
3. At the same time, we should institute a sliding rate so that people pay less per gallon up to the average monthly use and more per gallon above the average. That will encourage conservation. Asheville pretends that it had plenty of water through the drought last year, but we were starving the river. We must incentivize conservation.


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