Support Voter-Owned Elections

Here’s a press release from Democracy NC.
I fully support their campaign and will press for voter-owned elections in Asheville when I’m serving on City Council.
Check “Yes” on Your State Income Tax Form To Support Fair Elections &
Fair Courts in NC

Would you rather have North Carolina judges raising campaign money from
the attorneys and business interests who appear in their courts – or get
a campaign grant from a public fund if they agree to strict spending
limits and prove they are viable candidates by meeting small donor
thresholds? Which system promotes fairness in our courts and gives all
qualified candidates a chance, even if they are not personally wealthy?
Since 2004, North Carolina has had the nation’s first public financing
program for statewide judicial candidates. It’s a major breakthrough for
Voter-Owned Elections in NC — but it won’t work without public
participation and your support!

Click here to check out another quick video about supporting the NC Public
Campaign Fund on YouTube from our friends at Democracy North Carolina:


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