Cecil Bothwell’s record of community service

• Joined Clamshell Alliance, opposing Seabrook Nuclear Power Station, 1978-1979
• Created and ran Rush Creek Community recycling program (Black Mountain), 1983-2001
• Co-founded and served as first president of the Asheville animal rights group, 1985
• Produced and recorded EarthSongs, a series of radio spots combining music, poetry to deliver environmental messages, 1988
• Produced weekly radio commentary, Duck Soup, on WNCW 88.7 FM, addressing environmental and social issues, 1995-1998
• Wrote weekly print commentary, Duck Soup, published in various newspapers across the U.S. and online, 1993-2003
• Conducted lectures and workshops at high school and college level on sustainability issues (Warren Wilson College, Clemson University, various secondary schools), 1998-2000
• Served as writer and editor at Warren Wilson College Environmental Leadership Center; founded Heartstone environmental journal; created radio program Time for the Earth, a series of environmental spots recorded by Jane Goodall and William Least Heat Moon, 1998-2002
• Coordinated Western North Carolina for U.S. Senate campaign of Cynthia Brown, 2002
• Investigated and reported on the criminal activity of Sheriff Bobby Lee Medford, 2002-2007
• Served as Managing Editor Mountain Xpress, 2002-2004
• Co-organized Support Our Troops—Bring Them Home peace rally in Asheville, 2003
• Co-founded SpareChange? to challenge city panhandling law as unconstitutional infringement on free speech, 2003cecilbarbarahightower
• Organized Rolling Thunder Downhome Democracy Tour event in Asheville, including 50 non-profit groups, Jim Hightower, Granny D, Patch Adams, Eric Alterman, multiple music acts and grassroots democracy workshops. Event was featured on Bill Moyers’ NOW PBS TV show, 2003
• Developed and circulated petition to block the Grove Park Inn high-rise on City/County Plaza that resulted in cancellation of the project and formation of People Advocating Real Conservancy (PARC), 2003
• Lectures on sustainable systems at annual Southern Energy and Environment Expo, 2004-present
• Serves as Board member of Proyecto de las Escuelas Guatemaltecas, nonprofit doing primary school projects in Guatemala, 2004-present
• Formed Asheville Coalition to identify progressive candidates for Asheville City Council, 2005
• Serves as board member of Biblioworks.org, nonprofit doing library projects in Bolivia, 2005-present
• Serves as board member of People Advocating Real Conservancy (PARC), 2007 to present
• Co-organized Live Earth event in support of Al Gore’s global movement to take action against the climate crisis, 2007Organizers-1
• Ran for Buncombe County Board of Commissioners, losing to 20-year incumbent by .8 percent, 2008
• Created and distributed more than 6,000 Obama for President signs during presidential election, 2008 (the oblong ones you still see in yards everywhere in WNC)
• Serves as chair of Human Rights Team and editor of The Flame, a social justice monthly newsletter at Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville, 2008-present
• Wrote and published numerous books, including Gorillas in the Myth (2000), The Icarus Glitch (2001), Finding Your Way in Asheville (2005/2009), The Prince of War (2007), Garden My Heart: Organic Strategies for Backyard Sustainability (2008), Pure Bunkum: Reporting on the Life and Crimes of Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Lee Medford (2008), Can We Have Archaic and Idiot? (2009)


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