No free parking

Based on my long experience examining and reporting on Asheville’s dance with parking spaces and lots and decks, and based on recent reading, I now question the development rules we are using which require developers to provide parking for new structures. While provision for parking SEEMS to be a solution, it has proven to be the problem in cities across the country.
Most obvious are the malls and shopping areas which are required to provide parking for peak use. That is, the mall which is required to have spaces for all of the holiday shoppers during the week before Christmas and which sits mostly empty through the rest of the year. But there are also reasons to question the inclusion of parking beneath or adjacent to buildings that are not part of shopping malls. The evidence suggests that this only encourages auto use, which is not in a city’s best interest.

I haven’t reached any kind of conclusion on this matter, but thinking outside the box or the parking lot is one of the ways I hope to move Asheville into the 21st century.


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