Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support has been overwhelming. I feel so fully supported by this grassroots team we have created. A few hours of rest today, but then out to collect signs from polling stations and reading tons of e-mails, taking calls, and now the campaign begins again.

I am deeply grateful today, to all of you. My thanks.

For anyone tuning in late: We finished first. Fifty-two percent of the voters made me one of their three choices, but only 11 percent of registered voters showed up to vote.


Volunteer coordinator-Linda Brown


Linda is the go-getter who’s keeping track of our campaign volunteers, enlisting them for tabling, canvassing, fund-raising, house-partying and all the rest. She’s got data-basing down to an art form and smiles so much you can hear it over the phone. I don’t know where we’d be without her!

High energy for house parties- Catherine Ball

Catherine Ball has joined the campaign and is helping to organize house parties for the summer months. She’s a member of the Academic Learning Center staff at A-B Tech and was a long-time Democracy Now! host on WPVM 103.5 FM in Asheville.

Staffing the House Parties – Hanna Raskin

Hanna has taken on the task of coordinating tabling for house parties. She’s likely to be one of the people who greets you when you arrive at an event. Veteran of multiple campaigns, Hanna’s experience includes campaign management for a statewide Lt. Governor’s race. She’s a food writer/critic for Mountain Xpress and unendingly cheerful.

Accounting for EVERYTHING – Jake Quinn

Jake has taken on the job of Campaign Treasurer. A long-time political activist, Jake is Secretary of the Buncombe County Democratic Party and every bit as much fun as this picture suggests. We’re really lucky to have him keeping track of donations.

Has he deposited your check yet?

Expert advice – Brian Sarzynski

Brian Sarzynski

Brian Sarzynski

Brian Sarzynski has joined my campaign team as a policy advisor.

Brian is an expert on city issues. For several years he covered City Council as a reporter for Mountain Xpress and few people in Asheville are more keenly familiar with the city’s issues and decision makers over the past decade. But his insight into matters of public policy extends well beyond his reportorial work. With a resumé that includes work on Capitol Hill, in Germany, post-war Bosnia, and teaching in Virginia’s public schools as well as a producer/writer for Asheville’s 6;14 Films, Brian brings the kind of diversity of experience we need to find the best solutions in a time of cultural and economic transformation.

My media coordinator at the inaugural

Bruce Mulkey, lately of the Obama campaign in Asheville and Ohio, went to Washington with his equally politically active wife Shonnie Lavender.

Bruce has agreed to use his experience with the successful presidential race to help me win the City Council seat.

You can read their stuff on FaceBook or on their blogs.
Shonnie blogs here.
Bruce blogs here.